eRadio WMCR
Montgomery College Radio, Maryland

In early 2016, my Graphic Design 3 class received an assignment on day one — to redesign the logo of Montgomery College’s online radio station, “eRadio WMCR.” At the time, the station played a wide-ranging mix of music, from jazz to oldies to contemporary hits. WMCR’s manager sought to revamp the station in format and identity.

The existing logo, shown below, was a mix of fonts, colors, and effects, all of which felt dated and disconnected from the school. Our class had free reign to re-interpret the logo; the only hard rule was to incorporate a school color. Pictured above is my design pitch, one of about 20 from the entire class. The symbol evokes a mid-century radio speaker grill; the three lines represent the school’s main campuses (Germantown, Rockville, and Takoma/Silver Spring); and purple is one of the school’s colors.