About the Project

Beyond the Red Ribbon is a visual timeline of selected events from the nearly forty-year history of the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Through photos, news clippings, and infographics this timeline critically examines several events that created or combatted stigma against those who live with the disease. Though HIV and AIDS are often considered problematic for select groups of people, this project seeks to show that HIV/AIDS and its related stigma affects all of us.

This project was motivated in part by the designer’s personal experiences with HIV and AIDS. During the 1980s and 1990s, he lived in New York City and often encountered information about the disease from news reports, public service announcements, and in science and health classes. He lost relatives and friends to the disease, most notably in 1990 when an uncle he was close to succumbed to AIDS-related complications. His own diagnosis in 2012 led the designer to wonder not only what role stigma played in the spread of HIV, but also how attitudes towards people with HIV and AIDS changed over the last four decades.

(Above) Final install of exhibit.
(Left) Sample placards designed for the exhibit.

All participants designed a double page spread for inclusion in a printed book documenting the year’s design theses. The final proof for BTRR’s spread is pictured above, and a detail shot of the printed book is shown at right. 

What's Next

What’s Next

This and 26 other projects were part of What’s Next, the 2018 exhibition of theses by the graduating graphic design students at the University of San Francisco. The exhibition ran from Monday, May 14 through Friday, May 18, 2018.

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