Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) is a San Francisco-based organization with a mission of planting as many trees as possible throughout the city. I worked with two fellow graphic design students on a pair of projects. First, we worked on revamping an infographic to make it easier to follow. Second, we shot and edited a video on tree planting basics, the first of its kind with FUF branding.

These projects were a team effort between Esperanza Carmona, Kevin Kleine, and me as part of our Design Activism course at the University of San Francisco.

One part of the video I worked on was the introductory animation. I separated the individual pieces of FUF’s logo and added visual and sound effects to create the animation.

Above: The original infographic we received from FUF. The one-sheet had a lot of good information, but it was not easy to understand or to quickly explain. There was also no clear call to action.

Right: Our final revised version of the infographic, the result of numerous rounds of feedback from FUF and our Design Activism class.