Fredo Alvarez

Quick Hits

  • Full Name: Alfredo Rafael Alvarez. I go by Fredo.
  • Hometown: New York City.
  • Design Specialties: Branding & identity; print layouts & publications; web UI/UX
  • Art Specialties: Digital illustration; photography; printmaking
  • Software I Use: Adobe Creative Cloud apps; productivity suites (iWork, Office, G Suite); Final Cut Pro; Brackets
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How I Became a Designer

From a relatively early age, I was fascinated by letterforms, colors, and other shapes. It was not unusual to find me sitting at the table with a stack of construction paper and a pair of scissors cutting out letters and shapes to create something. Of course, at the time I had no idea what I was doing, but I had fun doing it.

Intent on becoming a writer, I involved myself in just about every campus publication I could in high school. I helped edit and assemble our literary/arts magazine every year; I wrote articles and designed layouts for our newspaper during my junior and senior years; and I took the skills I learned from both to  the yearbook my senior year. I followed that up with a year-long stint as the features editor of my college paper.

After three semesters, I put my academic career on hold to explore other things. In the process, I dove into web design and development, creating not only my own site, but also developing basic sites for small groups and organizations. That led to a full-time job producing and designing content for a major LGBT non-profit organization. Eventually, I also took on part-time work for a technology retailer; that became full-time when I decided to leave the non-profit.

Even with those jobs, I still had a foot in the design world. Part of my job at the non-profit included designing a variety of web sites and graphics for internal- and external-facing sites. At my retail job, I often designed custom presentations and flyers for internal use to highlight new promotions and procedures.

Ultimately, I left the retail job to finally return to school and pursue a degree in graphic design. In the process, I built up my skillset and developed a proper portfolio, much of which is available on this site.

What Keeps Me Going

What excites me the most about being a graphic designer that I can use different combinations of my creative skills in my work. Although the overwhelming majority of my work is produced on a computer, my copywriting and artistic skills inform and inspire the final version. I also enjoy taking cultural references — past and present — and incorporating them into my work.

A Few Random Bits

  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Fruit: Mango
  • Favorite Pizza Topping: Sausage
  • Previously Considered Careers: Journalist, actor
  • Countries Visited: 5
  • States Visited: 19